It's fast, loud but totally worth it.

We often get asked about the sound Nutmixr makes as it crafts your favorite plant-based milk. To put things simply, like all blenders, it's loud. But worth it. 

Harnessing the might of its 6 prong blades, the Nutmixr can effortlessly transform nuts, seeds, and grains into delectable, creamy milk within minutes. While running, Nutmixr follows a rhythmic blending pattern. Brief moments of blending sounds are succeeded by short intervals of quiet, allowing the ingredients to settle before the blending resumes. This natural ebb and flow ensures a we get luxuriously smooth consistency. 

The Nutmixr adapts its blending routine based on your chosen mode setting. Depending on the milk, the blending cycle can range from 5 to 20 minutes. One thing to note, the 20-minute duration is reserved for milks that require hotter temperatures to draw out the milk. Hello to all the soy lovers out there!

After speaking to hundreds of community members, we learned the design and functionality of Nutmixr blades work together to produce delicious milk! Complete without inconvenience of nut bags, overnight soaking or messy accidents. Totally worth it! 

Let's get milk making!

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