Your Questions, Answered.

The Nutmixr is 350mL, or single serving size for a full glass of fresh milk! It measures about 8.9in tall by 6in in diameter. Can be easily packed in a travel luggage!

A traditional blender does not have the preset time and heat settings required to make delicious plant-based milk!

The patent pending 6 prong blade is programmed to blend at an intermittent speed in order to produce creamy textured milk. Something a high speed blender is often not able to produce.

Also the fine blades mean you don't need to strain milk with a fine sieve or cheesecloth.

Delicious milk without the mess!

Nutmixr™ Machine makes a variety of dairy free milks – such asalmond, oat, cashew, walnut, soy, coconut, rice, hemp, flax, peanut, black sesame & more! A perfect solution for quickly making hot and cold beverages, creamers, smoothies and beyond. See below for details on our patent-pending features and how the machine works!

Not at all! Just pop all your ingredients into Nutmixr and run! Depending on what milk you're after will varying in terms of time. But most milks will be done in 5 minutes!

Our desire is that Nutmixr fits into your lifestyle. But for whatever reason it quite doesn't suit, feel free to send it back to us by paying for return shipping and we'll offer a full refund. DM / Email us!

Scoop out the pulp remaining from the mix and turn it into pulpmeal!

How to start Nutmixr

1) 'E2' is a safely precaution, indicating the lid is not secure or not safely attached.
2) Once attached you'll see flashing dots, then click 'Start' to light up all the modes.
3) Use 'Mode' to toggle between modes, then click 'Start' to lock it in.

How to use Delay mode.

1) After plugging in, click 'Start'.
2) Use 'Mode' button to toggle between modes and use 'Start' to lock in Delay mode.
3) Use 'Mode' button to set time you'd like to delay, then click 'Start' to lock it in.
4) Use 'Mode' button to select mode to delay, then click 'Start' to finish.
5) Your delay has now been set.