How to Enjoy Nutmixr

How and when do I take my Nutmixr?

One of the best parts about Nutmixr is that it is completely customizable! You can decide when, where, and how you enjoy your daily Nutmixr snack pack. Anywhere you go, Nutmixr goes with you. In fact, we asked our customers when they like to enjoy Nutmixr. A

Do I need to take Nutmixr every day?

Yes, taking Grüns daily is recommended to fully experience its benefits. Consistency is key when it comes to comprehensive nutrition, and Grüns is designed to support your overall wellness every day. Each Grüns snack pack contains 8 gummies. You can

Does Nutmixr need to be refrigerated?

Because Grüns gummies are individually packaged for daily enjoyment and portability, you do not need to refrigerate the snack packs. When you're ready for daily snack pack of Grüns, simply: rip, tip, and enjoy!

Do I need to continue taking a multivitamin?

Since Grüns was designed to deliver eight synergistic health products in each daily snack pack of 8 gummies, it not only replaces a multivitamin but also improves upon your multivitamin. Additionally, Grüns removes the need for a multi-mineral, prebi